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Investment Banking Institute Atlanta

Established in 2002 and with more than 35,000 professionals graduating from our program, The Investment Banking Institute is the world's largest financial modeling training program, offering an accelerated career path for both current finance professionals and all individuals seeking to enter the finance industry.

IBI has conducted more financial modeling courses in more cities than any other firm. Last year alone, we held over 1200 sessions worldwide for more than 4000 live training hours; moreover, our bankers/instructors possess a combined 200 years of I-banking and/or PE experience.

Investment Banking Training Atlanta


In total, our investment bankers have led or held a significant role in over $225 Billion of transactions. The result? Training with our bankers allows the effective transfer of skills that you can directly apply when seeking to enter the finance industry or add further value in your existing role. This alone is not the key to our success; IBI bankers are chosen because of their passion for teaching as well as their exceptional deal experience and training engagements within the firms they worked for.

Over the past twelve years, IBI has trained thousands of professionals who are currently working or have worked with some of the most prestigious Investment Firms on Wall Street. IBI has also trained analysts and associates on behalf of many firms. More specifically, a number of our graduates have been employed or are currently employed by the following organizations*:

IBI Atlanta Private Equity Course


Saturdays & Sundays, March 10 - 25
(From 10:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 3:30pm)

Sessions 1 & 2: Saturday, March 10th
Sessions 3 & 4: Sunday, March 11th
Sessions 5 & 6: Saturday, March 17th
Sessions 7 & 8: Sunday, March 18th
Sessions 9 & 10: Saturday, March 24th
Sessions 11 & 12: Sunday, March 25th

*Class enrollment is limited to 15 students and available on a first-come, first-served basis.



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IBI Atlanta Instructor Sam Nicholls

IBI ATLANTA 404-806-7632

Financial Modeling Training classes are held at the IBI training facility in the Phoebe Hearst Building at Oglethorpe University.

Investment Banking Institute
Phoebe Hearst Building, Oglethorpe University
4484 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30319

Venture Capital Class Atlanta


SAM NICHOLLS lives in Atlanta full time, where he leads the IBI training program with more than 20 years of investment experience. Sam began his career in the Capital Markets in 1989 after earning a B.A from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, and has since served in venture capital and investment advisory. After earning an M.B.A from Yale School of Management in 1995, Sam served as an Analyst in New York City at Rockefeller & Company for both public and private equity (early stage investments), and as a Venture Capital Associate at Wolfensohn Partners, founded by the former Chairman of The World Bank, and an original investor in Celgene.

Sam transitioned to public equity in 1999 and served as a Sell-side Equity Analyst at Gerard Klauer Mattison and W. Quillen Securities with a focus on the industrial sector, and then as a Buy-Side Equity Analyst at Carret Asset Management in New York City, covering all sectors and holdings, assisting with investment strategy, and serving as a member of the 4-person investment committee. Carret is an investment advisor founded by a pioneer in value investing and an inspiration to Warren Buffett. Sam has been responsible for the deployment of hundreds of millions of dollars in capital over his career.

The following is a sampling of the hundreds of companies Sam has analyzed:
  • MacQuarie Infrastructure – a conglomerate, examined drivers of each unit, ROI trends for acquisitions in context of price paid, gauged valuation, and determined dividend was unsustainable. Recommended sale in June 2008 in the low $30s (mkt cap $1.4 billion). Stock fell to 80 cents/share
  • Starbucks – modeled the impact to cash flow and ROI by right-sizing its store portfolio, recommended purchase at $17/share (mkt cap $12.4 billion) in June 2008. Stock reached $22 at the end of 2009, $32 at the end of 2010, and $46 at the end of 2011
  • Titanium Metals – Prior to the commercial aerospace upcycle, in early 2005, discovered reason for increased titanium content on new aircraft. Researched and modeled likely volume and price increases, and timing, examined impact of sponge capacity constraints, forecast GAAP earnings and cash flow. Covered company and recommended purchase August 2005 at $7.44 (mkt cap $12.4 billion). Stock increased nearly five times, peaking at $36 in May 2006
  • Sifco – In October 2005, observed that this small casting and forging company owned much of its real estate and the company was vastly undervalued if they were to do a sale/leaseback, or could be acquired. Valued the holdings, determined likely valuation range and viability of an LBO, given comp valuations for the core business. (mkt cap $17 million). Stock increased from $3.33/share to $22/share in July 2007, more than six times in less than two years
  • Calgon Carbon – In March 2007, discovered the FTC’s review of Chinese dumping of activated carbon, which is used for water purification. Examined financial impact on Calgon Carbon, in light of market concentration, and determined likelihood of US duties, which were indeed imposed later. Recommended purchase in March 2007 (mkt cap $270 million) at roughly $8/share. Stock to $21/share in August 2008
  • Schwab v. E-Trade – As an associate analyst in 2000, intuited valuation discrepancy between Schwab and E-Trade, in light of the ROI of TV advertising by E-Trade versus the ROI of Schwab’s physical office presence as a form of advertising. Performed valuation in light of this and customer churn impacting the average life of an account for each company, and margin usage by clients. After we issued a report, a few senior analysts at bulge bracket investment banks emulated my work. Schwab thereafter outperformed E-Trade for roughly two years
  • At Wolfensohn Partners, performed debt recapitalizations on several portfolio holdings at Wolfensohn Partners, and conducted a quantitative study on PIPEs terms
  • At Rockefeller & Company, researched, analyzed, modeled, valued, and helped structure terms for numerous venture stage prospective investments which had no comparables, such as a producer of plastic pallets, a laser eye surgery chain of clinics, and a producer of an eco-friendly pool water purification systems

Atlanta Investment Banking Course

Economic Fundamentals in Atlanta

CLASS ATTENDANCE POLICY (MAKE-UP SESSIONS AND RE-TAKES): In keeping with our primary goal of delivering the most effective financial modeling training to our students, our attendance policy is flexible to accommodate your already demanding schedule and any unexpected occurrences. Missed classes can be made up at your earliest convenience at no extra charge. If expected absences are known in advance, make-up classes can even be attended ahead of time.
Similarly, if it becomes necessary for you to re-take any sessions, you can do so as your schedule permits. We offer multiple classes simultaneously; there are always numerous options available and we will be happy to include your name on the roster for desired makeup (and/or re-take) sessions. Additional seats are always set aside in reserve for this purpose.

Headquarters:   750 3rd Avenue, Ninth Floor,   New York, NY 10017  
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