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Valuation & Financial Modeling

Class Description

This 28-hour immersion program covers the most relevant valuation methodologies and modeling techniques used on Wall Street today. These are the same sessions that are provided to all incoming analysts and associates at banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds. As a result of the training, you will gain fluency in the language of finance, and if necessary, be able to ace any interviews not only in investment banking, but all other related industries in finance.


  • Business undergrads and MBA’s
  • Investment Banking analysts and associates
  • Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Venture Capital analysts and associates
  • Equity Research and Asset Wealth Management analysts and associates
  • Corporate Finance and Business Development professionals
  • Strategy Consultants & Entrepreneurs
  • Career changers and industry professionals who want to hone their modeling skills


Course Objectives

After this course student will:

  • Build complete models of discounted cash flows, comparable company analysis, and precedent transactions.
  • Understand how to review SEC filings and extract all of the relevant information.
  • Build a three-statement model by tying together income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
  • Develop a leveraged buyout (“LBO”) model, full-blown merger (“M&A”) model, and back of the envelope accretion dilution model.
  • Have a marketable resume and be well prepared for technical questions in the interview process.

Class is limited to 15 students and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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About Us

Established in 2002, The Investment Banking Institute is the world’s largest financial modeling training
program, offering an accelerated career path for both current finance professionals and all individuals
seeking to enter the finance industry.

Our Classes:

  • 22 locations worldwide and over 35,000 graduates
  • Over 1,200 class sessions conducted annually
  • Market leading 9:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Industry standard valuation methodologies

Our Instructors:

  • Average 17 years of bulge bracket experience
  • Average 8 years of teaching experience with IBI
  • $225 billion in aggregate transaction volume
  • Over 750 completed transactions


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San Francisco, CA 94111

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APRIL 27th – MAY 12th, 2019

9:00 AM — 2:30 PM

EXCEPT Sessions 3 & 4: 11:00 AM — 4:30 PM

Sessions 1 & 2:  Saturday, April 27th
Sessions 3 & 4:  Sunday, April 28th
Sessions 5 & 6:  Saturday, May 4th
Sessions 7 & 8:  Sunday, May 5th
Sessions 9 & 10:  Saturday, May 11th
Sessions 11 & 12:  Sunday, May 12th

Course Materials


IBI Financial Modeling Course
IBI Financial Modeling Course

IBI Instructor Spencer Adams

IBI Student Testimonials

Meet the Banker-Instructor

Ali Tabibian has 28 years of experience in finance. He co-founded GTK Partners to provide outsourced corporate developed services. The firm has grown to provide M&A advisory, private placement services involving corporate investors and strategic advisory. The firm also makes direct investments in growth companies. Ali’s and GTK’s clients span private growth companies to large private equity firms and corporations such as Bain Capital, CSAA (AAA Insurance), Symantec and Qualcomm. While GTK’s work span many sectors, the convergence of software and hardware, such as in autonomy and the Internet of Things, are of particular of expertise. Ali is the current editor and host of GTK’s “Tech. Cars. Machines.” series of publications and podcasts

Earlier in his career, Ali was with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch’s investment banking groups in the Bay Area, where he focused on technology and media transactions. Ali started his career with The First Boston Corporation (now Credit Suisse) in New York.


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In keeping with our primary goal of delivering the most effective financial modeling training to our students, our attendance policy is flexible to accommodate your already demanding schedule and any unexpected occurrences. Missed classes can be made up at your earliest convenience at no extra charge. If expected absences are known in advance, make-up classes can even be attended ahead of time.
Similarly, if it becomes necessary for you to re-take any sessions, you can do so as your schedule permits. We offer multiple classes simultaneously; there are always numerous options available and we will be happy to include your name on the roster for desired makeup (and/or re-take) sessions. Additional seats are always set aside in reserve for this purpose.