Vikram Iyer

Vikram Iyer

Industry Experience:

VIKRAM IYER, CFA, is a subject matter expert in Valuation, Financial Modeling and Financial Statement Analysis, with over 10 years of teaching experience in the application of Investment Banking knowledge, analysis of Pro-Forma deals, Precedent Transactions, Comparable Analysis models.

Vikram began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst with Citigroup where he covered valuation of companies primarily in Telecommunications, Media and Technology. Then based in Mumbai, he was integrated with all regional franchises including AMRS, APAC and EMEA in preparation of Pitch books.

Vikram then transitioned to become an Equity Research Associate with Morgan Stanley in Mumbai, tracking more than 30 companies in the APAC region. Working with the lead analyst, Vikram’s expertise was in the generation of ideas, and defining the next growth set.

Vikram is currently a Senior Manager of Structured Products with Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto. His focus is on the Valuation of Exotic Derivative products and correct risk capture for accurate P&L reporting.

Vikram is a CFA Charter holder, having cleared his final Level 3 exam in 2009.  Vikram is currently the top rated professor of CFA, Finance, Accounting, and Economics in the city of Toronto.


Vikram also holds a MS (Finance) post-graduate degree from ICFAI University, India and Bachelors in Commerce from University of Mumbai, India.

Transaction Exposure:

  • Portfolio Companies included some of the biggest telco companies in the world such as China Mobile (market cap of approx. $ 200bn), China Unicom (market cap of approx. $ 40bn)
  • In Derivatives, monthly deal valuation approximately $300mm average, with an estimated $2mm per Note. Efficient valuation was ensured through correct booking
  • Vikram currently leads the Toronto market in terms of his knowledge of Structured Products in Global Equity Linked Products
  • In 2010, he was involved in thesis/reports such as “Asia Wireless Telco Reports” which emphasized that the next growth will be from 3G, this led developed markets to have greater exposure to growth, with positive results
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