Kraft Heinz Co’s M&A Woes

Goodwill impairment is likely to be on the rise. When Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought H.J. Heinz Co. in 2013, the prevailing view was the company was undervalued in the market given its potential for worldwide growth. In 2015, when …

A New Co-Head of Under Fire Has Been Appointed in HSBC

After Matthew Westerman unexpectedly quit almost a year ago, HSBC has hired its new co-head of the group’s traditional investment banking business.   Read more:

Investment Banking Terms, A Guide

While last year’s economy was considered just right, the same can’t be said about this year’s. With facing the worst start since 2010 for equities, investors are now realizing that there is in fact a trend happening with the global …

The CEO of Deutsche Bank Says They Are Not Debating Global Ambition

Christian Sewing, executive officer at Deutsche Bank AG said while he is in charge the bank’s global ambitions are not something that are under debate, although the bank is currently reconstructing its investment banking. Read more:

Late-Stage Venture Capital and Its Rise

One of the biggest steps in a company’s life is having a stock market listing. This brings many benefits such as easy access to a liquid pool of capital, rising company profile, and attracting top job seekers by offering stock …

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